Why use managed services?


With a large number of customers and transactions to be dealt with, today’s small to medium scale businesses (SMBs) depend on technology for managing these smoothly. It is important that these businesses have a good IT solution to smoothen the activities, improve communication and increase synchronization between employees. However, this IT solution must be reliable and free

Understanding Cyber-security


This basically is the security concerning your devices such as smartphones, laptops computers, tablets and many other personal or non-personal devices. It describes the safety and security of your information and accessibility to it. It prevents unauthorized access to your devices or networks which may cause damage to your systems.  Cyber-security is mainly aimed at

Selecting the right business email solution


Emailing is one of the most prominent methods of business communication and it needs to be reliable. There are a few email solution types available such as personal email addresses, basic business email, exchange and cloud-based solutions such as Office 365.  Let’s take a brief look at the options mentioned.  Personal email address – These

Restoring your data


Restoring data is the process of replacing damaged or lost data (in its original location) by importing a copy from a secondary location. In the case you lose data by either accidentally deleting or through some form of Malware or some other unavoidable disaster, data restoration through a backup source is a common remedy. However,

Cyber-security defined


This is a set of precautions taken in order to protect computer systems from harmful Cyber-attacks. With the number of devices being commissioned for use and the possibilities of Cyber-attacks mounting, the Cyber-security sector is reaching new levels in the business point of view.  Why is Cyber-security important?  The basic function of such measures is

Backup and recovery explained


                  Backing up and recovering data is the storing of your data in another data location for future retrieval should your data get corrupted or is deleted. With mounting Malware threats which can possibly destroy your systems, backing up and recovery is a strategy to ensure the safety

What are Network Servers?


These are memory banks which are accessible by many devices such as computers. A DIY way to make your own server would be to take an old computer, with a sufficient amount of memory, plug it to your router and follow the following steps. Go to start. Go to settings. Go to the control panel.

Battling the threats of harmful Malware


Malware defined. A shortened term for Malicious Software. Computer viruses, Trojan horses and spyware are just a few which are classified under Malware. These harmful programs enter your systems, steals, disrupts or corrupts your valuable information. Some even known as ransomware, hold critical information encrypted and only release them when a payment is made as

What does a Help Desk in a business do?


Issues brought forward by a customer are solved through the Help Desk, where the customers’ problems are directed to the relative department of the business. According to the nature of the problem, the ticket management system sorts customer issues.   Here are some answers to the questions regarding Help Desks.   To what purpose do