Battling the threats of harmful Malware

Malware defined.

A shortened term for Malicious Software. Computer viruses, Trojan horses and spyware are just a few which are classified under Malware. These harmful programs enter your systems, steals, disrupts or corrupts your valuable information. Some even known as ransomware, hold critical information encrypted and only release them when a payment is made as a ransom. These are some sneaky software that you don’t want to have in your system.

Detecting Malware.

Installing an anti-virus software will help you detect the entry of Malware to your system. Such security software are frequently updated by the creators to counter the present-day threats. Different types of antivirus software are available now in the market and whatever you choose, make sure to keep it updated.

Where does Malware come from?

Malware programs are created by people who wish to achieve something at another’s expense. This might for fun or to earn money through stealing information or personal details. Many users have fallen prey to these illegal activities, where their critical information such as bank details have been stolen for malicious use.

How can Malware enter your system?

Most Malware enters a system through the internet connection. Links which trick users to lead to useful sites and pages may hide something more sinister. Other common methods are file sharing, social networks, LAN and popups. Your systems may be at a greater risk than you might think.

In the case you receive an email which you suspect to be infected with Malware, you must make sure not to open the mail, delete it immediately and make sure your anti-virus is up to date

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