Backup and recovery explained










Backing up and recovering data is the storing of your data in another data location for future retrieval should your data get corrupted or is deleted. With mounting Malware threats which can possibly destroy your systems, backing up and recovery is a strategy to ensure the safety of your information. Basically, a copy of your files and folders are kept and are periodically updated so if any issues with your data ever occur, it can be recovered. 

However, there is an extent to which data and settings can be stored for recovery. Devices such as servers and cluster computers may need an extensive form of data recovery as mere backup and recovery might not suffice.  

In addition to the use of internal or external drives for backup, a much better approach would be to use a cloud storage facility which will enable backing up of huge amounts of data and with convenience as these can accommodate portable devices such as smartphones and tablets as well. 

Whatever device you use or whatever backup method you prefer, it is always advisable to use some sort of a recovery plan for your data.

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