Cyber-security defined

This is a set of precautions taken in order to protect computer systems from harmful Cyber-attacks. With the number of devices being commissioned for use and the possibilities of Cyber-attacks mounting, the Cyber-security sector is reaching new levels in the business point of view. 

Why is Cyber-security important? 

The basic function of such measures is to counter threats brought forward by harmful malware, which may destroy valuable information and data. While the designers of such malware are keeping up with the countering of the latest methods of defense and this at lower cost, keeping systems safe is becoming more and more complex. Such harmful malware may prey on various types of systems, may it be civilian or military. Depending on the importance of the data, disruption of a system may have the potential to jeopardize an organization’s work overnight. Some much read cyber-related atrocities carry terminology such as “Cyber-warfare”, “Cyber-espionage” and “Cyber-terrorism”, these mostly being military in nature. 

Staying safe from Cyber-threats 

It has been a long-term trend to use a variety of precautions to keep system safe, sometimes even deploying such methods simultaneously. Even though these cumulative defensive methods seem to make sense, breaches are still common. A much more practical approach is to implement a mechanism to prevent possible intrusion of threats to the system. A step towards this would be to implement an automated advance-gen security system, which as mentioned will prevent threats from entering the system in the first place.

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