Selecting the right business email solution

Emailing is one of the most prominent methods of business communication and it needs to be reliable. There are a few email solution types available such as personal email addresses, basic business email, exchange and cloud-based solutions such as Office 365. 

Let’s take a brief look at the options mentioned. 

  1. Personal email address – These are available easily and free and many businesses use these. However, when it comes to your clients, it may look a bit unprofessional. Consider going for a branded option. 
  2.  Basic business email – These are branded email addresses ending with Personal address providers such as Outlook and Gmail provide custom business options. Other companies may offer similar solutions free or at a small fee. 
  3. Exchange – Used for sharing folders, contacts, and calendars. Was developed for businesses where useful information can be shared within the company. Also, Exchange allows you to access mail from multiple devices making it versatile to use. 
  4. Office 365 – this is a cloud service which gives the ability to use MS office tools whenever and wherever you need to while making collaboration and document sharing a breeze in addition to emails, contacts and calendar sharing. It’s simple to set up, flexible to use and cost-effective. 

Hope you got an idea about business email solutions. For more information feel free to contact us. 

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